July 19, 2019
How To Start A Blog in 2019 With Motivation – Ultimate Guide

How To Start A Blog in 2019 With Motivation – Ultimate Guide

how to start a blog

Are you building up your mind to get started with blogging by this year?

Well, believe me that the most amazing decision that you come ever made. Weather you come to be a student, professional or a house-wife, blogging would comes to be the life changing decision for you.

Well, that’s not just because it made a great impact on several people’s lives over the past, or lets you be the influencer, or would bring you a passive income or could let you have a full-time income and stay free from the work pressure of your boss. But it’s also for inner satisfaction and motivation.

A satisfaction that your Internet presence brings some great impact on people’s lives, help’s people’s out of your knowledge and past experiences. And believe me, that would bring a great inner-motivation on your life, alongside make money online. Moreover, if you come to be a business, blogging also comes to impersonate a pretty prominent role in boosting up your business by converting most out to be your potential customers.

Getting back on topic, starting a blog is not a tedious job. Here on blogging, it’s just your content and some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tweaks, as simple as your usual work. But, for a complete beginner here are few requirements to get started with blogging.

  1. Choosing the correct Niche or Sub-Niche to get started with.
  2. Picking a Blog Name and getting the right Domain.
  3. Finding a great Hosting Provider.
  4. Choosing a Content Management System (CMS).
  5. Choosing a Theme and start designing.
  6. Creating Content/Article.
  7. Getting Free Photos or Design as per your need.
  8. Publishing on a regular interval and Promote.

So, lets understand the above points in complete details.

1. Choosing Niche

Blog Niche

Do you ever follow a blog or have subscribed to any YouTube channel in the past?

If yes, then why?

You may now say, that’s because of their content. But, is that only the reason?

Well, that’s just the one. It’s also because of the blog’s or the YouTube channel’s focus over the particular niche and offers the revent content. Because, in the end, no people love to see the random content, like a day before I start a technology blog and the very next day I start to write articles about politics. However, you could write about multi-niche on the same domain in the future, while your blog comes to be quite stable with the visits. But still, its always suggested sticking to a particular niche.

So while you get started, choosing a correct niche while you start a blog comes to be really important and the most time-consuming job. Well, coming to my advice, always choose the niche which you love to read and write about, alongside taking the market into consideration. Because in the end, you need the visitors, right. So, to find the perfect match I suggest, use Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

2. Picking a Blog Name and getting the right Domain

Trust me, picking the right blog name and domain also plays a very crucial role. It’s always important for SEO and branding purpose, but also to gain the trust and believe of the people in it.

Let me be clear to my point. If you were to book a hotel room, will you choose any random xyz hotel or go for some good name? That’s where trust comes, in an instance and after you care about the reviews. While this is not just an area where blog name and domain matters, but still there are many to come.

choosing domain and hosting

3. Finding a great Hosting Provider.

Before I begin, let me give you a bit concept about Web Hosting and why it comes important to get a great Web Hosting provider.

Basically, a Web Hosting is the space allotted by your Web Hosting provider over a particular server where you could store your files and media related to your website/blog to serve the users when requested for your website/blog.

While these Web Hosting are still divided into several category as per the users needs like,

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

But, as a starter on blogging it would be enough to get some good Hosting providers, WordPress Hosting (created looking the WordPress requirements and basically managed by the hosting providers) or Shared Hosting (created to host various types of website/blog build like Django, WordPress, etc, and could be managed by the users end).

So, as per my suggestion you could really check out the Bluehost WordPress Hosting which basically comes with managed WordPress installation and FREE Domain along with SSL and Marketing Credit.

Elsewhere, you could too check the Hostgator and Hostinger Web Hosting which too works amazing at a budget price with amazing support and features. Additionally, save an extra 15% over Hostinger Web Hosting using the coupons.

4. Choosing a Content Management System (CMS)

As a beginner, I would really suggest you should choose WordPress, as the starting. Well, it’s not because I love it. It’s because of the FREE, easy to use interface, easily manageable, better plugin support, Robust Security due to high developer teams and of the fact that big giants like BBC America, TED Blog, Quartz, TechCrunch, etc are using.

Also Check: Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins To Start With – An Ultimate Startup Guide

5. Choosing a Theme and start designing

designing themes

As with the rise of Web Apps, the most vital thing that a website/blog owner should pay the crucial attention is choosing the best themes. As the theme design and user-friendliness may play a crucial role for the visitor to decide and spend time over the particular blog post before even reading the article.

For example, it’s just as similar to visit a restaurant and checks the place before placing an order.

Moreover, the role of the theme doesn’t end there. Still other requirements like the structuring, clean coding for load time, responsiveness, SEO friendly, etc, also play a vital role in Search Engine Ranking. So, it always suggested getting a premium theme in order to match such requirements.

However, you could surely check the MyThemeShop WordPress themes for such amazing themes. And also let me know about your experience with this blogs theme over the comment section.

6. Creating Content/Article

creating content

Content is the king. Alongside, its also crucial, which topics you choose. As I too know that this article how to start a blog has already been now covered by most of the blogs. So head below where I pointed out a few of the things to be kept in mind before covering an article.

  • define a goal about your blog
  • cover as latest articles
  • brainstorm with the content idea
  • have a keyword research
  • split the whole idea in parts
  • start writing over
  • review the article several times
  • publish

7. Getting Free Photos or Design as per your need

Writing a blog post comes quite amazing, but reading a blog post that to comprise only of text comes is quite boring?

So, in order to keep refreshed and give a clear view of the post, it’s quite obvious to use images, videos, and gif. But here comes the problem. As you land up to blogging or any commercial uses, using the media files of others without there permission comes illegal and may lead to copyright.

So in that case, you may surely check few sites below to get royalty free images and design a custom banner for your blog.

8. Publishing on a regular interval and Promote

social share to promote

Well, getting to start a blog is quite easy but getting consistent with publishing content and promoting your content is also crucial.

Let me clear up my point. For example, while you visit a movie theater on the very next week after you watch the last movie, it’s quite obvious that you head up seeing the theater screens a new movie. But what would you do if the same movie is screened for a month? Would you visit that theater again?

Never, right. So, the same happens with blogging. In order to keep the visitors return over the blog, you do need to publish fresh new content at a regular interval. But as you come to be new to the platform it becomes quite obvious that nobody knows you and if you keep looking for the search engines to drive traffic its becomes quite pleased that you need a few time to rank and till then maybe the content comes valueless. So here comes the job for the promotion, using few methods like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc and reach that many people over the world.

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